Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ken Knudsten Pinup for The War for Kaleb

I met Ken Knudtsen through my wife Desiree', as they had classes together at the school we all went to, The School of Visual Arts.  Ken is the writer/ artist for the awesome little indie title My Monkey's Name is Jennifer.  
We specifically met at the Long Island Comic Con some years back, and I fell in love with his artwork.  He has a style that embraced that of the blind contour drawings I used to do in college.  Blind contour drawings are done by looking at what it is you are drawing, NOT looking at the paper, canvas, or what-have-you, while you are drawing.  The drawing doesn't usually end up looking like anything.  In turn, you get a drawing that exemplifies the artist's pure mark.  It is an exercise used to let go of one's inhibitions, and just let honesty do the drawing.
Ken's work does look like the things he is drawing, but keeps all that honesty intact.  One of the goals for the gallery was to have a diverse group of styles.  Ken fit that bill perfectly by creating a beautiful ominous drawing of the gritty rooftops of NYC, the inner peace that Addey and Kaleb find in each other, with his fun little easter egg, nodding it's way back to my story.  

Pinup by Ken Knudtsen
Pinup by Ken Knudtsen
You can actually check out the process Ken used to create the piece on his blog at 
I will be posting some more fun updates, showing off the talented individuals that too part in making this gallery something special.
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