Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The War for Kaleb Part 3 Cover and Preorders

I finished the cover for The War for Kaleb Part 3, and am only 4 pages from being finished with the drawing at the time of writing this.  After that, I will be working on the scanning, corrections, and color, which shouldn’t take too long. 

I’m pretty excited about finishing up this series, and am apologizing in advance for the issue taking so long.  I hit some personal road blocks, and it had affected the progress of getting this last issue done.  This is my personal favorite chapter.  It is easily the most emotional, and intense of the series, and I really hope people get that out of the story as well. 

Preorders for the issue are also up in my online store, so everyone can secure a guaranteed copy upon release of the book, which is looking to be sometime in Oct.-Nov. 2017.

Preorders also come with an added bonus, of the first two parts of The War for Kaleb Digital Copies free, so you can get the whole story just by ordering the last book! (Delivered via email)

Here is a short description of the new issue:

After the incident at the bar, Kaleb turns inward, as the light hero has gone missing, leaving the dark hero in control. Kaleb reflects, but struggles finding any real answers for his anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, Mike and Addey discuss the next steps in saving Kaleb, and preserving their relationship with the man they care about.

Detail of TWFK #3 Cover Image

Remember you can download the first issue absolutely free HERE (nothing to sign up for, no strings attached ;)