Monday, October 3, 2016

The War for Kaleb Part One

This week, I'm posting "The War for Kaleb" Part One, in its entirety so you can read it for free.

This is a story that started when I was working a warehouse job, in Long Island and not being very happy about my life.  During that time, my job allowed me the unfortunate opportunity, of being in my head all day.  I would go over some of the things that triggered my anxiety, and the things that weren't making my happy, and then I heard "The Metro" covered by Alkaline Trio, and "The War for Kaleb" was born.

I've always had anxiety, for as long as I can remember.  In recent years, the anxiety has worsened, due to some personal events in my life.  What I noticed the most about it wasn't what was happening to me personally, but what was happening to the world around me: nothing at all.  

Anxiety comes about in the form of "the world is coming to an end", when in actuality, it goes on functioning, just fine with or without us.  Anxiety is nothing but another form of perception.  However the problem with that perception, is it takes a lot not to internalize it. 

Kaleb can't separate his feelings brought on by anxiety, and what is really happening in the world around him.  It becomes a constant struggle, a push and pull, for reason, logic, and rational.  

Our greatest of Wars...